Haruka Miyamoto is a London-based artist, creating costumes and accessories for movies.

She specialises in garment embellishment and prop making.

Always priding herself in 'breathing life' into plain design, and adding those finishing touches.

Haruka's ongoing personal projects are a constant, and have won her a number of accolades.


Haruka was born in the Japanese countryside, and from an early age she loved to draw, paint and create things inspired by nature.

Forests and rivers were near her childhood home, making her lucky to be raised in an environment rich in nature.

She enjoyed the process of making and giving life to materials.

Giving life to her homemade teddy bears became her obsession and Haruka won an international handmade teddy bear competition in the U.S. when she was 17.

At the age of 19, Haruka went to England and graduated from Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Textile Design in 2011.

Haruka has been working in the arts ever since.




Haruka in her studio:


Profile photograph © Donald Maclellan